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We put your picture or photo on the ceramic tile. Porcelain tile, Glass Tile all with your pictures and photos. Great for backsplashes, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, office buildings.

We Change Boring (yawn) Walls 
and "Ho Hum" Floors

Into Works Of Art!

Give Us Your Photo's Or Pictures.
And Through A Unique Manufacturing Process, we
will Put Those Pictures/Images And Your Photo's On Tile!
(we can also put those same photo's on tile for counter tops, walls, floors and outside murals and signage!)

Here is our booth at the Aurora Home Show April 2013 showing our incredible 'swimming pool' tempered glass tile floor.
This floor looks so 'real', that people attending the show were afraid to walk on it - even though you can drive a truck on it!
They didn't know if it was a work of art, or wet...
This floor is architecturally specified and commercial grade. You can drive a car on this floor - its that durable. (of course we can use any picture or wording you want - it doesn't have to be a pool).

See our (very busy booth) at the "Interior Design Show" in Toronto Canada.  To see our other pictured products please see our link page www.AllPictured.com

This above video you can click the 'Bandwidth Auto' to determine your internet speed (it may still take a moment to load).  In this video you will see our pictured tile floor, pictured tile walls, and of course we also put photo's on furniture, candles, bags, and blankets.  This video was shot on the Friday of the Interior Design Show (we ran out of business cards and flyers in the first 90 minutes of the show and brought our printer in to print more flyers on the fly).

Our Process Will Change Your Tiles From Boring to Original!

Outside Tile

We have the only manufactured process that can produce full color tile and install them outside!
Our Outside Tile is UV resistant and Graffitti resistant (graffitti is removed simply with nail polish remover).

100 year Guarantee NOT to fade because of UV.

Outside Pictured Tile

 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team Florida Spring Training Facility.

Swimming Pool Bottoms! Your design.
Who can do jobs like this? We Can!
These are fish and whales printed on tile and on the bottom of the pool!

Inside Tiles
for walls or floors

Your tiles, will be all numbered on the back with a 'map' so that your ceramic installer can easily put together your new wall or floor.
We can create your design, or give us a snap shot or picture of what you would like your tile to look like, and it will be manufactured for you.

Average jobs take 2 weeks and we UPS or FedEx (whatever is least expensive) out to you when done.

For Commercial Or Business "Pictured
Tile" (which is our commercial glass pictured tile) click here.

Thanks so much for the great looking tile!
It's everything we had hoped for....
I will be giving you a call in the next few days as I have many other photos (jpg's) that I'd like to consider tiling, but would like to discuss some options.....
Thanks again for the prompt service and the great job!
Kevin Scofield
Morrison, CO

Washroom Wall

Westin Hotel (Spa Area). 
The tile is a photograph or picture.  We can make and install any size you want.  It really is only limited to the size of your wall or floor. 
Although most orders are for the walls, we do have a floor tile that we install.
The picture above is an aquadic look which is blue and perfect for the spa.  Note, this isn't mosaic tile, but actual photograph blended into the tile.

Have a question?  Call us 416 410 8797
or toll free 1 888 271 4208

Restaurant Wall Tile Above and Bathroom at a Lodge below.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tiles in perfect
condition yesterday and I can't wait to install. They are even better
than I imagined!
Thanks again
Lisa Lubbert
Montreal Canada

As, shown in the above bathroom installation. The photo wasn't taken from a camera but from the world of art.  We can take art work (like oil on canvas) and put that on tile or enlarge it making it a backsplash or a new floor. All we need is a quality photo.
  There is really no limit to what can be done in terms of design.

Here are some of our pictured tile floors or 'photo floors' in glass tile as well as some of our commercial / business display in our portfolio.

See More Of Our Picture Tile Portfolio Here 

Upload Your Photo or Image To Us
(its easy to do, the above link brings you to our other website)

Call us 416 410 8797 or 1 855 410 8797 for more details.

Any Picture, Photo or Digital Image can be manufactured:

  1. Ceramic
  2. Porcelain
  3. Tempered Glass
  4. Old Stone

    Glossy or Matte Finish as well.

    The sky is the limit
    You are only limited by your imagination
    Call us 416 410 8797 or toll free 1 855 410 8797


Upload your image or picture here:


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