Paris Group Inc. "Porcelain & Ceramic Printers - FAQ"

Here are our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):


  1. Do you really print on all porcelain and ceramic?  Answer: Yes, we are printing on about 99% of all porcelain and ceramic. The types we have trouble with are of course porcelain or ceramic that is NOT white (or off-white) or dinner plates that have too much other materials in them - but its rare. Generally if its white porcelain or ceramic we can print on it.
  2. Do you have minimums? Answer: No
  3. How is your printing method different from others? Answer: the short answer is we are not screen/pad printers or dye-sublimators. We feel what we have in "Chemology" is way different and offers way more advantages than the older methods. We are digitally printing direct on and 'in' the porcelain or ceramic (think tattoo) we are not topical but inside. So this is not like other methods that are printing only on the surface and not in the actual piece!  In simple terms, we are printing IN to the tile and other methods simply coat the tile or print ON the tile - huge difference in durability, with ours! To find out more about our type of printing, see our printing process.
  4. Can the tiles you print for me be used outside? Answer: Yes! We print lots of tiles that are used outside.  When printing outside its always porcelain tiles. But we also print swimming pool tiles. And custom print memorial tiles for head stones, memorial markers for cemeteries.
  5. When you print on mugs, how are you different than the many other mug printers out there? Answer: Way different! Some of the 'differences' in how we print on mugs, is that we print not only on the outside of the mug but also on the inside of the mug, in full color! And while we are talking about the inside print of the mug, we also print on the inside bottom of the mug - and while we are showing off here, we also print on the handle of the mug in many of the mugs. Note: some mugs or coffee cups have handles that are so thin, its not worth printing on, but for the most part, we print on mug handles too. See more of our printed INside and Out mugs
  6. Are they scratch proof? Answer: Yes, they are very durable print, the strongest out there in full colour.  See our printed mug video on how a knife easily takes off the image on a dye-sublimated mug but doesn't scratch our glaze. Specifically wall and floor tile we also put ours to the test against top notch dye-sublimation. US at Paris Group VS. Them (watch this short but unquestionably good tile durability test)
  7. What sizes of tiles do you print on? Answer: Great question, we are generally NOT bound by sizes and can print on most any type of porcelain and ceramic. However, tile sizes are often 4", 6", 8" and 10 inch for standard most common thus less expensive to you.  We also print 2" tile and then 12" all the way up to 34" These take longer and we charge a premium as the complexity, size and lower volume. Basically we have large printed tileoutdoor pictured tile, printed floor tile, and smaller pictured tile murals and lastly swimming pool tiles.
  8. What about tile sizes that are different or unique? Answer: We cut tile every week here, making the tile "fit" the exact sizing you need. This stands for both out-door tile and indoor tile - we cut it to fit your size requirements.
  9. What about mug and plate sizes? Answer: We print on dozens of different sized dinner plates and put photos and pictures on a variety sized mugs from small espresso to large 17 oz tapered mugs. Dye-sublimators can't print in that way, and are generally regulated to one or 2 types of mugs and rarely you see them print on plates as theirs scratch so easily off. We also have an inventory of dishware as well as mugs both stocked and still other mugs, we bring in that are more unique. If you wish to purchase in bulk 
  10. What is the difference between what you use and dye-sublimators? Answer: When you see any printed tile or mug in full colour and then it fades in 8 to 18 months - then its most likely a dye-sublimation job. They are limited to size of what they can do, and although brilliant colour (like ours) they are susceptible to scratching and of course can't use theirs outside as the UV as well as indoor light will make it fade even faster.  Also dish washing and generally using sublimated products can cause it to turn back to white - of course ours simply don't do that, they last...and we give you a guarantee in writing on your invoice to prove that!
  11. Are your dishes and mugs and bowls that you print on commercial dishwasher safe? Answer: Sure are! We sell to restaurants, and often have a logo put on the rim for them and some go more elaborate and have the face of the dinner plate or bowl printed.  And we stock in many porcelain products see next question number 7. But to answer this question better, these are made for restaurant use and the images can easily withstand the commercial use in a restaurant and their high powered dishwashers!
  12. Do you supply the tiles and dinner plates/mugs or do we supply them? Answer: We 99% of the time supply them, we have stock available of many of the dishes see our other website (wholesale only) for many of the different porcelain dishware (plates, mugs, bowls, platters) that we have ready. But we do get every year those that have their own tiles or dinner plates/dinnerware that they wanted printed on. All we ask is that we test one first, and see how it works, usually we have success but have to try. But sure, we do that as well.
  13. Image quality/type what is needed? We are looking for 300 dpi (minimum) at the size of print that we are doing. So if its for a mug that is perhaps a 3 or 3 inch by 4 inch size. We require a 300 dpi (dots per square inch) on a 3 x 4 inch image.  If it is going to be a mural that is 3 x 4 feet for example, then we need a 300 dpi image at 3 x 4 feet.  This is going to get you very clear tiles or dishware that looks great! Clear and Colorful!
  14. Where do I get images from? Answer: Please don't just pick them off the internet! They are usually not good enough and not up to standard, let alone the copyright issues. No, generally they can be purchased online through image /picture sellers who work with professional photographers and then sell their image. Those are almost always high-resolution or have the option for hi-res photo download. One source we have an account with is Adobe with their Stock Photo.  You can look through all their high resolution pictures, and simply give us the file name and file number (email or text) and we can download into our system for you. You don't need to purchase it, as we have an account with them.  If you still  need help finding images, we can help you or show you where to look (there are plenty of options).
  15. Do I email images to you or how do you get them? Answer: Usually upload to us through out upload website here you can take large files and easily send them to us. Just a note on that, is this: You must in the dialogue box add your name and phone number and briefly explain what you want (dish/tile/bowl) so that we can start to process your request. Without that added information your image to us is automatically deleted.
  16. How do you protect copyright owners?  Answer: We have to know where or how you got the image you are using, if there are copyright issues we will not produce your product. By sending them to us you are agreeing that it is your image or you have purchased the rights to use the image.
  17. How are the tiles installed? Answer: just like normal, they don't need special treatment. Just install and grout like usual.
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Questions we haven't covered here in our FAQ?  Simply email or call us 1 855 410 8797 or call / text us: 416 410 8797

One of our favorite tiles that we print on is Daltile. They are one of the largest US manufactures of both residential and commercial tile.  We like them so much we printed mugs for some of their staff.