Digital Printing Process

The Future is now: Our Digital Printing Process on Porcelain

The Digital printing process on porcelain has evolved from unreliable and inconsistent, to the new age of decorating porcelain.

Millions of colors are now available to print when previously only few were possible. A larger gamut range also comes with the bonus of high quality print  (up to 1200 dpi).

Screen Printing & Dye Sublimation We Are Not

Previously and still to this day we were printing porcelain and ceramic with screen printing or dye sublimation.  Both have their limitations, we think the most limited that although looks bright and with high definition but despite looking good, easily wears off and scratches off - and that is dye sublimation. There is absolutely no protection and no glazing so the image either scratches off or within a short time fades away.

Video On Us vs Them (short video)

Watch this short video on how we can scratch off dye sublimation tiles.

Screen printing on the other hand has been around for like a thousand years.  Often plates you would purchase at a large store that has a design or flower on them have been screen printed and then they glaze over it.  The difficulty with screen printing is that you have to do lots of them and make screens for every application.  They also are NOT full color/colour they are "spot color" and low resolution.  More durable than dye sublimation but not practical unless your order is like a box store around the world requires.

What About Us At Paris Group?

Now enter Paris Group Inc.  Porcelain and Ceramic Printers...ta da!  Okay, enough of the fan fare but our process the digital printing process, blends those two worlds together but does not use any of those two systems to do what we do.

We have the full high resolution and we have all the colors and have no minimum order and its glazed so its extremely durable.

See more of our pictured wall tile here and printed floor tile (those other guys, can't do this)

And we were experimenting on printing bathroom sinks over the last few years - and voila! We now can do that too!  Custom Printed Bathroom Sinks




Porcelain inkjet printer improved gamut range
Porcelain inkjet printer improved gamut range

The future technology of these printers also provides stability of colors. While the decorated porcelain goes through an kiln at 1400-2200°F older pigments would naturally change dramatically through the intense heat. But now the pigments are very stable and do not change at all through the firing process.

This cutting edge, digital printing process is stable firing up to temperatures of 2200°F allow the image to sink into the pre-glazed porcelain providing permanency whether from scratching or sun damage.

These upgrades allow any image to be permanently embedded into any porcelain decoration at full color and high resolution.


Zoomed in example of image on porcelain plate
Zoomed in example of image on porcelain plate