Custom Printed QR Code Tiles & Barcode Tiles
Individual Tiles

We make them in various sizes, and you can point your cell phone to them and it will bring them instantly to your website, photograph, online ad, or video.


We will be installing these custom printed QR code tiles outside our office/showroom doors in the next little while, and then put up a picture here when we have that done.

These tiles are printed with YOUR own QR code and link to your own webpage or website or online video.  Customers can use their cell phones and with a QR code App or Reader (free online) they can scan bar codes and qr codes including our own printed tiles ones (shown here).

We print these blue as these are the colors of our Paris Group Inc. company name and logo, but you can have your printed in any color you want.


These are printed on 4 inch tile. We can custom cut outdoor tile to all kinds of sizes up to 11 and 12 inches. These tiles can be used commercially and outdoors. These tiles will last and not scratch off - they are that durable.

We can also print this QR code small, on the corner of your printed tile, so that folks can "learn more" by scanning with their cell phones the QR code on the mural or outdoor signage.

Imagine having your own personal custom printed QR code outside your office or outdoor your store. Installed properly like tile would be, with mortar (thin-set) and permanent. Folks arriving after hours, or wanting to know more about when you are open or what you do, could simply scan the code with their phone and go right to the page or website explaining to them what they need to know.

See More Accent Tiles and Design Tiles with
your own patterns and colors.

Design Tiles

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We do specialty interior work with floors and walls. We print outdoor tiles as well.
We are professional flooring contractors, tile installers.

Any Picture or Photo

It's Manufactured On to
all kinds of porcelain and ceramic and some bone china too.
Commercial or Residential
Floor or Wall
Shower Walls or Kitchen Back-Splash
Interior or Exterior
Tiles for Advertising and Marketing
Signage or Trade Show Floors or Business Lobby's Entrance Ways!

Also our dishware line of printed dinner plates, bowls and mugs (both printing on the outside and INside of mugs) and personalized dog bowls too.

The sky is the limit
You are only limited by your imagination
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