Broken Tiles Replicated - sometimes we get lucky

Got a broken tile, or missing tile? Sometimes we can help...sometimes.... read on....

  • We replicate only certain tiles, and we turn down most potential replication jobs, as we don't feel we can get 'close-enough' color match.  Generally we CAN NOT color match, but some tiles small enough, where the color match isn't as important, and if the tile is under 12 x 12 inch - we may attempt it.
  • Getting a "copy" of your original tile or a high resolution photograph of the 'good tile' (the unbroken tiles). We can try to copy it but again, we don't guarantee anything and often we rather NOT do it.
  • No Minimum, so we can even do 1 (one) tile.
  • Our pictured tile doesn't wear or fade, we give a warranty to our work, in terms of durability but again you may not get a close enough match.
  • Floor tiles or wall tiles
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom renovation - we can help! least we can try.

Note: many tiles are too expensive to "try" to match sometimes back and forth. Also we can not go larger for floor for replication that is 12 x 12 and then 4.25 x 4.25 inch and 6 x 6 inch for wall.

We get calls like this one.  Upgrading a kitchen appliance and finding when he moved the appliances back, that he had broken or missing floor tiles.

Or they are pulling back their fridge/stove or washer/dryer and find the tiles weren't installed underneath the appliances, thus leaving a void. Unfinished floor, missing tile.The above tile, is a triangle pattern (not the green center tile, but the triangle tiles around it) that had some broken pieces on the bottom right of the picture.The right of the picture is where he had a bucket/rag to mark off the 'work area', but you get the idea.

This customer drove all over the USA looking for some extra tiles to finish off his kitchen floor - all the way down to Dalton Georgia (the flooring capital of the world). Then down to Florida where there is lots of ceramic tiles used and sold.

But had no luck....

The options are not good.
It looked like they went from a small renovation and upgrade of an appliance to a major floor reconstruction!
The customer sent us a photograph (high resolution image) of the tile and got us a sample also.  Which is helpful if you can get one.

This is what we created...copying the old triangle and making new.
Replicating the original and
making 4 new tiles for him!


The triangle tile on the left was the original, the tile on the right is what we created. Customer had to have them cut (wet saw) 4 triangles to fit his broken tile floor.

Having missing or broken tiles can be very expensive to deal with or a headache or both.

We understand, but don't be alarmed if we 'turn down' your job.


Because color matching isn't always close. This is difficult to do and tile replication is not our first or second "main job" around here.
Also we don't print larger than 12 inches and  really most twelves we turn down, it should be smaller than that.
We are printing on NEW white tile and it doesn't respond necessarily as your original tile (made with different materials).

 If you can't find the exact or near close enough tile in the stores or asking neighbors.  A better option (and less money) is having us make a new pattern or design rather than try to replicate.

You can have us print any jpeg or image or words on the tile, and instead of the potential back-and-forth attempts of samples (to see if they match) which can get costly, we can create something new instead.

If you still insist that we try to replicate, call us 416 410 8797 ext 1 we would need a high resolution photograph of the floor or wall tile. We can perhaps try to replicate it or copy it and create the missing tile or replace the broken tile with created ones.

Yes! first step
1. see if you can find another tile from the manufacturer or online, even if its close.
2. if not think about a new pattern or design, it may be a simple drawn flower or your family name. (really anything)
3. last resort, 50/50 chance at best, we attempt if we feel we can even get even odds to replicate it. We rather not, as our main business is printing on new porcelain and ceramic tiles, dishware, bowls, memorial tiles, also wedding favors and mugs.
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