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Media, Trade shows and Articles About Us.  We turn heads, when we print on tiles and dishware the way we do. Cutting edge technology
patented technology.  We call it "Chemology" and its not dye-sublimation, screen printing or pad printing - its way better!

One prominent story on us, was written up a full page in "Advantages Magazine" September 2015.  You can see the article here.
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We've also included our advertisement we've used in various publications.

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Here is our booth at the April (Spring) Aurora Home Show showing our incredible 'swimming pool' tempered glass tile floor.

This floor looks so 'real', that people attending the show were afraid to walk on it - even though you can drive a truck on it!

They didn't know if it was a work of art, or wet water...

This floor is architecturally specified and commercial grade. You can drive a car on this floor - its that durable. Of course we can use any picture or wording you want - it doesn't have to be a pool - with a cute bikini girl swimming in it!

Paris Group Inc. at The Interior Design Show Toronto 2013

You can see our banner at the time we had our beginning line of porcelain printed products, now we only use as our upload page.  You can see our Main Corporate Site which has links to all our various printed porcelain and ceramic products.

Paris Group Inc. Trade Show Booth

The two video's showed our trade show booth at the highly sought after "Interior Design Show" in Toronto.  The first video is the booth busy and 2nd video is after hours, you can see our wall and floor tile and some printed dishware too.

See our (very busy booth) at the "Interior Design Show" in Toronto Canada. We were already a company around before this show as we were selling wholesale dishware (non-printed).  It was a couple years before this show that we started printing on all the porcelain dishware we already had access to and sold!  This was our very first big show we were in, and it was very exciting!

This video was shot on the Friday of the Interior Design Show (we ran out of business cards and flyers in the first 90 minutes of the show and brought our printer in to print more flyers on the fly). We never realized until then, the demand!

Call us for more information 1 855 410 8797 or direct 416 410 8797

Printed memorial tiles for headstones on display at the Cemetery Trade Show

This is one of our many trade shows...and our CEO Lauri Partanen. This was a not-for-public trade show for the funeral home industry. We had on display our printed dinner plates (for funeral homes) as well as our never fading (100 year written warranty) on our memorial tiles.


You can have your own memorial tiles for headstones, with 100 year warranty not to fade (it will most likely last even longer) check out your custom printed cemetery head stone/monument tiles here: