Custom Printed Outdoor Wall Tiles.

Photo Tiles. 

Our Printed Tiles can be glazed for outdoor too. Both on wall and outdoor floor/ground.

Our Tiles Can Be Used Outdoors - Easily.
No need for special installation, or keeping it in shade.
Full sun and our print will not fade - its that good!

Watch Scratch & Durability Test showing our durability over others


We Tested Other Printed Tiles...

Between the dye sublimation and our Photo Tiles Digitally Printed & Glazed.

Watch the 90 second YouTube video where we take a football player dye sublimated tile and easily scratch off the image to the bare white glazing of the tile underneath with a knife.

Then we try, and the word is "try" to scratch off the image of our digitally printed and glazed picture tiles - and we can't (it just wont scratch off).

This test is all that is needed to show the durability of our printed tiles and the other inferior dye sublimation tiles.

Note: some get confused over ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Porcelain explaining it simply is an upgrade over ceramic.  The outdoor and better more durable tile is porcelain whereas the indoor tile is ceramic.

All of our dishware printed is all porcelain or porcelain with bone china..  See Printed Bone China Plates and Printed Porcelain Plates and Printed Gold Rimmed Plates.


Youtube Test On Durability
Testing Dye Sublimation with Digital Glazed Printing

The Warehouse - New Orleans Louisiana 

We printed 5 HUGE outdoor murals for the outdoor park remembering the rock stars that performed in "The Warehouse" in the 60's some of the biggest acts and bands started there in New Orleans in the day.

They tore down the once rocking Warehouse but they kept the posters and memorabilia. We took those posters and photos and printed the Warehouse history and story on 5 huge tile murals outside not far from the Ole Warehouse (where it once stood) to remind the folks the fun and the days and music of the past.

Outdoor 12 x 18 large tile pieces put together to make a 72 inch x 36 inch or 6 foot x 3 foot tile mural and we made 5 of these murals!

1 of 5 Outdoor Tile Murals New Orleans
1 of 5 Outdoor Tile Murals New Orleans

Large 40 x 60 inch outdoor wall tiles making tile murals

10 x 10 inch cut outdoor tile for one of our favourite photographers - Brad Garland in Arizona, using his photograph printed on outdoor tile for his BBQ area in the back yard.

First picture on (Top/Left) is our beginning stages of laying out the pieces to make the printed outdoor tile mural.  The other 3 are Brad Garlands photographs, showing his outdoor Arizona mural in the BBQ area.

Personalized 36" x 24" Arizona Desert Mural closeup
Half Layout Before Installation Of Arizona Outdoor Wall Tile
Personalized 36" x 24" Arizona Desert Mural
Arizona Outdoor Tile Mural Brad Garland 8
Arizona Outdoor Tile Wall Mural
Personalized 36" x 24" Arizona Desert Mural 3
Arizona Outdoor Tile Mural Brad Garland 2

We can make any design or pattern for your outdoor tile needs.  Both outdoor wall and outdoor ground. This wall looked plain and un-inviting before the customer added their own tile design that was customized the way they wanted it.

Outdoor Tile - New Orleans - The Warehouse

New Orleans Outdoor Tile "The Warehouse" Photos

We were asked to print a series of large outdoor murals for New Orleans. The idea was from what was known and loved as "The Warehouse" where up and coming bands would perform in a cozy and great sounding venue.

Nobody forgot the memories and sounds and feelings that came about those days of fun and rock n roll.

The Warehouse was then over time destroyed the music ended.

After many years Bobby Wahl approached the city with a plan and design for a outdoor memory display of some of the now famous bands and their photos of Rocking in The Warehouse in years past.

We had the honor to produce these tiles making 5 outdoor murals and here are some of the photos.

We can make your outdoor printed tile murals too!

New Orleans Outdoor Tile "The Warehouse" Photos
New Orleans Outdoor Tile "The Warehouse" Photos
New Orleans Outdoor Tile "The Warehouse" Photos

Center of Autism Outdoor Tiled Art Word. Our image doesn't need "U.V. Protection" like the dye-sublimators need. Ours can withstand outdoor direct sun-light and all the elements (rain, snow, humid, sunshine, hail).


Many Murals Surrounding The Church Grounds. All outdoor, never fading.

Stunning and Spectacular.
Outdoor Church Art on Our Tile.
Guadalupe Church Mural

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