Paris Group Prints Large Custom Printed Tile Murals - These Using Large Tiles!

Also In Large Printed Individual Tiles Too.

For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Large Custom Printed Tiles

Our custom tile works on large murals and simply large tiles. You can have a single or two large tiles together making a 12 x 18 inch (our largest tile printed) and putting two of them together for example. Making it a 24 inch x 18 inch or 36 inch x 12 inch.

Note: Printed Custom Ceramic Tile is usually used INside and Printed Porcelain Custom Tile is used OUTside but can also be used INside as well.


Large Custom Printed Tiles

Large tiles again but not just one or two or three but many!

These tiles were printed for the State of Iowa Fire Department, you can see these custom cut tile printed old map layouts and the first international fire fighter documentation for the first "brother-hood" or future union of fire fighters. (it all started here folks).

These printed tiles are on permanent outdoor display at Council Bluffs Fire  & Rescue in Council Bluffs Iowa.

We are Porcelain & Ceramic Printers.
and not screen printers or dye-sublimators.
(there is a difference...a huge difference)

Custom: Floor TilesDinner PlatesMugs (and INside them too) and Wall Tiles.

12 Outdoor Custom Tile Murals For Iowa.
This is one of the many outdoor printed tile murals we did for the State of Iowa. It was completed in the Fall 2017. These Outdoor Tiles were specifically for their Fire Fighters because this is the birthplace of Fire Fighters Association for the world.

Iowa Fire Department Custom Outside Printed Tile
Iowa Fire Department
Custom Printed Outdoor Tile for State Of Iowa
Close up of our murals State of Iowa Fire Department

The photo on the left is this main bell tower. They found the original bell from over a hundred years ago, and got it working again. Then taking the old bell which was a gift to the citizens of Council Bluffs on July 4 1876.  Then replicating the "bell tower" that once stood on-top of the old fire hall. This tower  (see image on left) would be the top half of the original bell tower - which was very tall, and equipping the original bell, they got it all working again!

We printed original documents and maps of the area. Directly in and for Council Bluffs Fire & Rescue in Iowa. Where you can see our printed outdoor tiles still there to this day!

Display Plaque Showing as a contributor

You can see the close up of the bronze plaque our product and brand and website bottom and middle.

Close up image..on the right

Display Plaque Showing as a contributor
Custom Printed Outdoor Tiles

A few more large printed tiles

(we have them for both indoor and outdoor).

  • Sun wont fade it

  • Wont scratch off

  • Full Color/Colour

  • High Resolution

  • No Minimum Order

Custom Printed Large Porcelain Outdoor Tile

These are outdoor tiles (but can be used indoor too) this one is printed to a size of 10.5 x 16 inches we can go up to as large as 12 x 18 inches.

We are experimenting on printing on 24 x 24 inch tile stay tuned on that.

Custom cutting board tile
Signage on printed outdoor tile
Printed Wall Tile Long Island NY Horizon
Printed Wall Tile Long Island NY Horizon

Amazing Job For Dave like a window made of tile for his bathroom in NY.

This job was finished for Dave (see photo on left)  in Long Island NY.
It is from their own photograph of the sun-setting on Long Island. He had it installed with a solid wood frame around it.
We had to cut each piece 12.88 (9 41/64 inch) by 9.66 (7 7/32 inch) inches so that there would be 25 pieces in total for Dave's mural. 5 rows of 5
with an overall size of 64.41 x 48 inches.
Now like a large window, opening up the entire bathroom.

We can custom printed your wall tile and floor as well as photos on your outdoor tiles, the way you want them - just ask!

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