Custom Printed Ceramic Coasters

Custom Printed Coasters

We can make any design or pattern for your coasters.
What makes our SO different, is that we use food grade inks as well as our Chemology
technique that 'stains' your image or picture/design into the porcelain coaster, making
the look permanent.

We give 10 and 25 year warranty on it NOT to fade or wear away with use.
We guarantee all of our printing works, including these coasters.


Porcelain "knitted" edged coasters. Of course we print any wedding text or logo or high resolution image on them.


Bamboo & Porcelain Coasters
the porcelain we can print any text or picture or image on these personalized coasters.



We are the developers of the Coaster Trivet (tm) which allows you to use your 4 coasters, but when you put them together, they make one decorative trivet! In fact, so decorative are these coasters (porcelain) that if you put them in a 4 square one way, they take on one pattern, but if you re-arrange the coaster-tiles the other way, they make a complete different look!  We at Paris Group Inc. designed these Coaster-Trivets and our first design was the Christmas Candy Cane Coaster.

You can purchase them here!

Christmas Candy Cane Coaster:


These are 4" Porcelain Candy Cane Christmas Coasters and Trivet.
The actual size of each coaster/tile is 4.37 inches.
Each coaster has rubber knob/feet so that the tile coaster will not slip or slide when in use.
Coaster Trivets are 100% dishwasher safe, although in time it is possible for the rubber bottom feet to come off with dish washing, which are easy to replace if need be.

So the picture above is one of our Christmas Candy Cane Coaster - with Trivet.

Now you get four (4) of these when you purchase them.

And when you put or place these tile coasters together, you can make a trivet. Great for you casserole or your next themed party (like Christmas in this example).

On left with red in the middle or right with green in the middle.


Printing 4 tiles becoming individual coasters or together making a trivet.


Star of David or Shield of David
Coasters, no fade never scratched.

Religious star of David trivet set

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