Porcelain & Ceramic Magnets  - Printed with our permanent ink.
Will never scratch or fade.
We usually stock (or have it coming in fairly regularly) porcelain square or round or heart shaped magnets.
And as we are Porcelain and Ceramic Printers, we also print on these magnets.
These are great for corporate "thank-you" gifts and higher end promotional give-aways.
We can print (using our amazing "Chemology" printing ability to print on these small porcelain magnets.

  • No minimum order
  • Full Color
  • 1200 dpi (very clear detailed text or image)
  • Scratch Proof
  • Will not fade in UV 
2 inch square porcelain printed magnet.

Also 2 inch Heart Shaped Porcelain Printed Magnets


And 2 1/2 inched Mini Porcelain Plate Magnet
Great for a restaurant give-away or "thank you promotional gift".
Also for anyone in the food industry, or those that want to have a pictured/photo of the bride and groom or the baby in the family.
Any photo or picture can make this magnetic porcelain plate look stunning!


Call us for your porcelain magnetic requirements.
Dont settle for dye-sublimation or pad/screen printing when you
can have the best. Don't give your company logo or promotional product
that will fade in a few months, give quality - printing that is permanent and that will last!

See more of our smaller porcelain items we print on at our other site (we have a few sites) www.PrintingCeramic.com

Call us 1 855 410 8797 or local 416 410 8797 or Skype (when available) ezeric1 or email us info@picturedtile.com