Make your home or office STAND OUT!

We Print Your Image On Wall Tile, Floor Tile & Outdoor Tile & All Kinds Of Porcelain

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We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles. Great for kitchen back splashes, pictures on bathrooms shower walls, and Logos and Pictures on Custom Floor Tile (home or business). Also custom printed square dishes, Photo plates, print IN mugs, photos on platters, bowls, pictures on cheese boardspersonalized dog & pet bowls and Swimming pool printed tile, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Custom Printed Jewelry site 1 & Custom Printed Jewelry site 2.

Stunning ...image something like this for your shower wall or business wall

Huge (and small) Tile Murals

This mural is 5 x  8 feet using 6 x 6 inch wall tile. Using Daltile wall tile. We print on many other sized tiles and your printed tile mural can be any size  - even larger

Image can be any picture or text or photo you want.

No minimum order! Call today!!

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Dog Watching Elk On Mountain Side
Custom Printed 5 x 8 foot wall mural
  • Full Color/Colour
  • Tile Are Picture Quality (Like A Photograph)
  • No Minimum Order
  • Will Not Fade
  • Wont Scratch Off like dye sublimation!
  • Any Image You Want (we'll help you with that too)
  • Easy Install (every tile numbered)
  • Guaranteed Safe Delivery So Nothing Is Broken
  • High Resolution up to 1200 d.p.i.
  • Standard Tiles and Cut Tiles (various sizes)

You Can Create Your Own Backsplash...

Like So Many Others Have - But Yours Would Be Unique & Truly ONE_OF_A_KIND!

Custom Printed Tiles For Your Kitchen Back Splashes & Shower Walls

Our numbering system (for install)

Showing one of our amazing printed murals -we do murals every week here.

In this short video, we are specifically showing how we "number" each tile so that you can easily install them. We also give you what we call "a map" which is a laminated copy of your image with all the grout lines.  In case a label falls off, or down the road (when the tiles are installed) if you accidentally break one, we can with the map refer to the correct tile.

Note: we guarantee that our tiles and all of our printed dishware gets to you without breakage, if something is broken (it doesn't happen often) but its replaced free of charge.

Don't worry, we guarantee your tiles arrive safe, nothing broken, if it does break now or down the road, we can figure out which piece you need!

This video shows wall tile that we printed  Chateau de Chenonceau in France. On 4 x 4 inch Daltile wall tile. We can print also 6 x 6 inch and up to 12 x 12 or "cut" tile to any size you want. The largest we can print on is 12 x 18 inch, which you can order or put a few together to make a larger mural. See video below showing some large "one-piece" printed tile.

see more: Custom printed wall tile (showers/backsplash)

Large Custom Printed Wall Tile

(see our short 1 minute video)

See How You Can Have Your Pattern or Image on Large Printed Tile Sizes:

Custom cut and printed wall tile.

Popular sizes:

Tiles cut into rectangles like 6 x 8 inch and odd sizes like half and quarter inch cuts, can all be cut and then printed on.

Popular would be 10 x 16 inches.

Largest would be 12 x 18 inches.   (or cut any size you want)

Large Custom Cut Regtagular Pictured Tile
You can see how large these printed pictured tiles are! Up To 12 x 18 inches!

Outdoor Printed Tile

Our outdoor tile can be used for signage or outdoor showers walls (near swimming pools & we can also print on swimming pools tiles too) or decorative wall tiles with art or design and also outdoor memorial tiles too.

Our tiles will not fade and full color/colour.

We usually print your image on Daltile "Anchorage Line" (porcelain outdoor thick tile), as porcelain and not ceramic is used outdoors but if you have some other white or off-white you want us to try, we can do a test-run order for you.

printed outdoor tiles
Outdoor Printed Tile as Signage

Laser Cut Tile And Then Printed

We cut tiles everyday here into square and rectangular shapes. But if you want tile cut into circles or even more unique cuts, then we need the services of a laser cutter, who can cut it to size and then send us the tile and we print on them. Usually this process takes a bit longer - but you can see the amazing results we had for the United States Air Force Auxiliary in Texas.

See more Accent Tile and Printed Laser Cut Tile

Round Circular Laser Cut Porcelain Tile Printed
On left printed on right laser cut blank.
Custom Printed Floor Tile
Custom Printed Floor Tile

Custom Printed Floor Tile

Printing on mostly Daltile 12 x 12 inch Anchorage Line (you can Google that) very high end and Daltile is a US company and their tiles are mostly made in USA.

Your logo for your floor tile, or your family coat-of-arms or name at your front door entrance.

see more: Custom Printed Floor Tile

Installing Picture Tile

Want to see the easy steps in installing your own printed pictured wall tile mural?

See video's and easy steps to install Pictured Tile

Custom Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Printers

Pictures on Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Outdoor Tile and Swimming Pool Tile...and more!

We are proud to have worked with architects and the US coast guard, US Navy, the Canadian Air Force and the Government of Canada. (as well as Fortune 100 companies and MLB teams)

We can custom print your logo or image on floor tile, as well as custom print wall tile and put your picture or design on it. (also other porcelain like dishware & cheese boards, bowls and INside mugs too)

  • No scratch finish
  • Environmentally safe ink - in fact its food safe! See our dishes we print on   and our mugs we Print INside
  • We use no lead or heavy metals in our ink
  • Very durable, will last years and we give a warranty too on our print.
  • Full Color/Colour, we don't charge extra for colors.
  • No Minimum Order, prototypes can be purchased before production. Most of the time on larger orders we do a prototype order first.
  • We use lots of Daltile. (Hey not only Daltile as we can print on your white porcelain tile too in most cases) just have to test it first.
  • High resolution up to 1200 d.p.i that is like high definition porcelain and ceramic printing!

Here Is Other Porcelain We Print On -like printed plates, photos INside mugs, custom printed jewelry & more...

See our other sites. How we print on porcelain and ceramic on photo platesdishes, mugs (printing INside the mugs) also personalized custom printing jewelry also memorial tile, and print inside dog bowls.

As porcelain and ceramic printers - we print on more than just tiles, (wall tile, floor tile and outdoor tile) but also on dishware, plates, bowls, mugs (inside mugs too).

We Print Mugs INside and Out. All Kinds Of Shapes/Sizes

Custom Printed Mugs (Inside & Out)

What a great idea, you can customize one mug and give as a gift - what a discussion starter you would have!  We've done mugs that at the bottom it says "we're having a baby' or 'will you marry me?'

We print INside mugs and outside and on handles and mug bottoms as well.  See more of our incredible and use-able custom printed mugs INside and Out.

Square Plates Custom Printed
Your Words and Text and Photos Are Printed On Square Plates

Custom Printed Dishware - Photo's On Dinner Plates

We have all kinds of different sized dinner plates, both round and square.  Any image or text printed on the face (middle) or the rims and the back of the plate too - often with hand writing or serial numbers or logos.

Custom Printed Cake Plates With Stands

Comes in various sizes, these are not only beautiful but use-able. Picture here was for a bakery chef contest 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cake plates.

Custom Printed Cake Plate Here

We Print On Other Porcelain Products As Well

Swimming Pool Tiles
Any size printed pool tile murals

Amazing custom printed pool tiles website


Custom Printed Porcelain Vases
Custom Printed Porcelain Vases

See More Custom & Personalized   Printed Porcelain Vases

Printed coloring book tiles that you can install and color in!

See our: website

Your Design On Cheese Boards
Custom Printed Cheese Boards

See our:  Custom Printed Cheeseboards website

Custom Printed Porcelain Dog Bowls
Custom Printed Porcelain Dog Bowls

 See our:  Personalized Dog Bowls   website

Printed Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors & Other Small Ceramic

See our:  website

Paris Group Inc.

"Porcelain & Ceramic Printers"

This is our cut 10 inch by 16 inch wall tile, we also make the same size for floor. Can be personalized tile any way you want and can be made for outdoors as well. We can also cut it to other sizes.

  • If its Porcelain or Ceramic we can print on it, tiles (for wall murals), dishware, mugsmemorial tiles, and more.
  • We Print Up To 1200 d.p.i. that means - Detailed!
  • So detailed often we get brush strokes from artwork.
  • We Have No Minimum Orders (all welcomed)
  • >Our Tiles and Plates/Mugs Will Not Fade. (period)
  • Our Dishware ink on: plates/mugs/bowls & pet items are Food Safe. Passing FDA and Prop 65 requirements
  • Tile printed in all the the standard tile sizes from 2", 4", 6", 8" all the way up to 34" in size. Big or Small Tiles! And we also cut tiles if you need something more specific.
  • All Our Work has Written Guarantee's from 25 years up to 100 year on our memorial tiles, and other tile jobs.
  • We create HUGE tile murals, down to custom coasters (see coasters) & Christmas Ornaments(ornaments).  See more items we print 
  • Turn Around is usually 3 to 4 weeks. We also have a 8 to 12 day "rush service" also.
  • Virtual Sample's Available As Well. (emailed)
  • Upload your photo or image to us
  • Media (what "Advantages Magazine" said about us). Also our radio interview on AM740. (see media)
  • See our new product our "Christmas Candy Cane Coasters" & Trivet. Also our Hanukkah Coasters as well. (see coasters)

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And Through A Unique Manufacturing Process, (we term: "Chemology") we manufacture these same Pictures/Images/Patterns - On Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles (or photo on plates, print inside mugs, Christmas ornaments, Custom Pool Tiles and Printed Dog Bowls!)

(we can also put those same photo's on tile for counter tops, walls, floors and outside murals , signage and down to dinner plates and mugs and memorial photo tiles too.)

Call 1 855 410 8797
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Here are some of our pictured tile floors as well as some of our commercial / business display in our portfolio.

See More Of Our Picture Tile Portfolio Here

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