Paris Group Tile Printing: The Process

(How we do what we do).

It all starts with a photo, image or picture.
If it is your photograph, it has to be one of very high quality.  Basically the better the quality picture, will be a direct result in the quality of your wall or floor tile.

We are looking for images that are 300 dpi minimum (dots per square inch) up to 1200 d.p.i. at the largest size photo you can give us. Images simply copied from the internet don't work. Images or photos you have that are at a higher resolution;  or photos purchased from photographers online are really the best!

pictured tile work table huge murals
pictured tile work table huge murals

Two large murals being laid out and a third on the right being stair tiles (risers) that are just being put together.

Hard to see but in the photo to the left you can se on the right side of the table a part picture of the little girl.  We were just printing this mural that was on floor tile and used on the "riser" part of a staircase. So looking up the staircase you would see on 3 of the steps the girl and her dog.

Printed Floor Tiles Custom printed with your image for the floor child and dog
Printed Floor Tiles Custom printed with your image for the floor child and dog

Very thick durable Daltile Floor Tile cut in 6 x 6 inch square for stair risers. These can be walked on but are not in this case going on the stair tread but on the riser (vertical part). So looking up the staircase each row of this (girl & dog) mural would be on each "riser" so it would appear in a 3D like effect while you look at it.

This is how we installed our printed tile outside our front offices

Paris Group Outdoor Sign Step 1

First we purchased concrete board and cut it to the same size as the tiled mural.  This backer-board can be scored with a sharp knife/razor blade knife and then snapped off.

Paris Group Outdoor Sign Step 2

Then purchasing tile glue and with a notched spreader we started to apply just enough glue to start setting our 4.25 x 4.25 inch Daltile porcelain printed tile.

Paris Group Outdoor Tile Sign Step 3

Since we had the tile mural already laid out we just bring the tiles over and wiggle them in place. You would have your mural all numbered so its easy to put the puzzle together.

Paris Group Outdoor Tile Sign Step 4

The corner piece we just "temporarily" laid to make sure it "fit" in nicely then we removed the four corners as they were drilled on our brick wall so the holes would line up and then we installed these 4 corner tiles last to cover the screws holding this mural up.

Paris Group Outdoor Tile Sign Step 5

Although you see the corners, we after we shot these pictures, removed them so they can be mounted on our outdoor brick wall in front of our business.

Paris Group Outdoor Tile Sign Step 6

Showing how we don't want too much glue because we don't want a mess but we do want the grooves in the glue, you can sort of see them.

Paris Group Outdoor Tile Sign Step 6

Now complete! We just removed the corners and mounted it on our outdoor wall and screwed and anchored it secure and then glued in the corners. Next step for this mural is grouting it.


Quick 30 second video showing really how large it is and us doing the finishing touches!

Paris Group Inc. "Porcelain & Ceramic Printers" Street View
Paris Group Street View Corners Removed

Here is after it has been grouted and installed, notice the 4 corners removed?  We had holes drilled through the concrete board into the wall, where the screws are anchored in, then we place the four corners and glue them and grout them.

Corporate outdoor sign mural

Printed Floor Tile For Restaurant 

We used Olympia 2 x 2 inch floor tile - very non-slip. The grout lines greatly reduce slippage so these tiles can be used on shower floors and pools & spas.  Basically areas that get wet, these printed tiles are the most suitable.  There is no such thing as a non-slip tile floor, you can slip on anything. But some tiles like these 2 x 2 inch have a rougher finish to them and then with the multiple grout lines make it less slippery when wet.

2" x 2" corporate branding floor tiles
2" x 2" corporate branding floor tiles

Printed Tiles & Dishware Getting             "Kiln Fired" 

One of our kilns, this one gets fired up towards 1800 F for our firing your image into the porcelain - because then it gets very durable.


Watch our 55 second video on our fans and kiln operation. It gets real hot - we mean really hot! Then we bring the temperature down, so that the kiln with your printed tiles or dishware is cool enough to package and ship out to you...all over the world!

Paris Group Inc. Digital Kiln Display
Paris Group Inc. Digital Kiln Display
Paris Group Inc. Porcelain & Ceramic Printers Kiln 2
Paris Group Inc. Porcelain & Ceramic Printers Kiln 2

Once printed and kiln fired and cooled, we have to lay it out and make sure everything is accounted for!


Layout.... even a larger job (for a wall) we also print outdoor tile, some floor tile (in certain areas) as well as dishware, bowls, platters and mugs.

If you don't have a picture, we can get the right photo for you. There are plenty of licensed pictures that can be purchased. Rest assured, there is a photo that will work for the type of setting you are in.

One place where there are many professional photos and artwork and patterns is Adobe Stock Photo.  Just search an image you want and give us the file name and file number (don't buy or download anything) and we will bring it into our system for your next print job. ....its that easy!

After the image is selected, the process takes about 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the size of job and the size of tile/type of tile needed.

Smaller home jobs, like accent tiles only take a week or so.
Memorial Tiles (humans or pets) are usually made in a 3 to 4 days on average, we also have a "rush" service, which we ask you "when do you need it done?" and we work from there.

We give you a map layout of your mural
We give you a map layout of your mural

When your tiles arrive from us, if its a mural, then we give you a map layout showing where the tiles go. These pictured tile mural, they require a numbered "map" system, these "maps" (see photo above) show the tile installer where to lay the tiles out and install them. We make it easy to install, nothing to figure out!

We "number" each tile as well as print you up a "map" (see photo above) of the image with the grout lines so you can use both systems for simple install. Each tile has a sticker with the numbers A-1 or B-2  to show you not only which tile goes where, but which side is 'UP'.


We use to number them on the back but now we put stickers on the front which come off when you are finished. ...much more easier to see when installing. See the polar bear mural below on how we do it now.

Polar Bear Wall Tile Mural Showing Stickers For Layout

Polar Bear Wall Mural measuring 36 inches x 42 inches.  You can see how we now but the stickers on the picture side, so its easier for the installer to see which way to lay them, the sticker is also on the top so you can see which direction the tile would go.

Your ceramic tile installer can even set/place all the tiles and when complete can remove the stickers (labels) off of them, making it more straight forward for your mural installation.

We solve that problem, installation of your pictured tile mural is easier!

Any ceramic tile setter or tile installer can do the job with the provided 'map' or 'template layout' for easy ceramic tile installation.
All our tiles are guaranteed, as we go through all the proper necessary steps before production with you as our customer to make sure we manufacture the tiles used for the purposes you require.

Our outside tile, we often use Daltile Anchorage and its used for signage or printed outdoor murals or photos on accent tiles. We use Olympia 2 x 2 inch tile pool bottoms or spa areas or shower floors, any area where lots of water or slippage can occur.  For memorial tiles to cemetery head stones it is either cut tile off of our outdoor Anchorage or its actual tile for headstones thin and polished edging.

Our inside wall tile is used in board rooms to back-splashes to restaurant walls.

Floor tile, is used in showrooms and front entrances, often with company logo.

You never need to worry, we back up our jobs so that if something is broken in delivery or your installer drops a tile, we can create the one tile that you require. Remember the 'map' we just talked about? We can also pin-point a tile that may have to be replaced because of damage during installation or vandalism.

We keep your image and job on file forever, just to make sure, there are no changes or additions needed afterward.

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