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Where We Print Custom Tile :(Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles)

Owned by Paris Group Inc. Porcelain & Ceramic Printers

We are pretty sure we, at Paris Group Inc. have the largest porcelain and ceramic printed showroom anywhere! Come make an appointment and visit us, you can see some of our work that we've done! And besides, we are nice folks!


Our address:

Paris Group Inc.  www.PicturedTile.com "Porcelain & Ceramic Printers" Custom Tile Printers: 

1166 Gorham Street Unit 5 Newmarket Ontario Canada L3Y 8W4

Although we are in Canada we ship to the U.S. everyday via UPS and we ship around the world too.  Some of the places are the U.K. and Australia, Europe and South America too.

Call to make an appointment 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797  You can text us here

To find more about us on our contact page

Showroom With Huge Wall Tile Display
Paris Group Inc. Printed Porcelain Tile Wall Mural Display
Paris Group Inc. Large Printed Porcelain Showroom Printed Dishware and Pictures on Tiles
Paris Group Inc Showroom of Printed Dishes
Where we load the transports and your pictured tile and photo plates artwork.
Paris Group Inc. Warehouse
Paris Group Inc. Showroom huge 5 x 8 foot mountain tile wall mural.
Our Dog Callie, watches the Elk on our pictured tile mountain mural on display

Paris Group Front Doors
Paris Group Front Doors