Kitchen remodels on your mind? We print: Kitchen backsplash pictured tiles.


Kitchen backsplash pictured tiles, all with your own artwork or design using 4x4 inch or 6x6 inch is the standard size for most kitchen backsplashes. Working with architects and interior designers, builders and home owners, it doesn't matter how big your project is we have no minimum order.

Undeniably we offer the best and we are not kidding, your image will NOT easily fade or wear off - its that good. We are not cheap you can get dye-sublimation for that, but durability because its glazed, as well as easy to install and it will last for years. Many years.

Trying seeing how you can't scratch it off compared to dye-sublimation watch our short video

Don't buy someone else's tile, when you can create and customize your own kitchen wall tile or shower walls...make it the way you like

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More Personalized Tile Shower Walls and Back-Splash below.

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Kitchen Backsplash Pictured Tiles

kitchen city in blue wall tile mural
kitchen city in blue wall tile mural

Generally kitchen backsplashes go in front of the stove. That is the most common place for them.

This kitchen backsplash pictured tiles of the skyline opens the room where there is no window at the end.

Remember our tile is glazed and that glazing goes, depending on what we are doing 1600 to 2200 F.  And eventually we get asked the question of folks concerned that their stove/oven can get real hot with baking would that harm the tile?  Obviously not when the tiles when they are glazed are fired WAY higher than your home oven.

You are going to print your tiles and colors with any artwork, design or photo that you want.  Still you want an image that is high resolution and that can "fit" into the area you want it.  So, a rectangular photo will fit in a horizontal back splash. Just like in this modern kitchen on the left.

This one shows the skyline of a city with the darker blue sky being a  overall match to the rest of the room.

We are Porcelain & Ceramic Printers!

Like paper printers, who can print on any kind of paper, we are porcelain and ceramic printers; allowing us to "print" on any kind of porcelain and ceramic.

And it will not fade or scratch off. Also any tile can be easily replicated for the future. Speaking of "replicated" we have a new area on our site for "Replicated or Copying Broken or Missing Tile" Check out Replicated Tile Here

It doesn't have to be a photograph for your newly designed tile. We often get patterns or a look that is not a photograph. Anything that can be designed or photographed (as long as its a quality image) can be tile for your kitchen.
If you are kitchen redecorating or remodeling, you can add some of our own wall tile or accent tile or floor tile in any design you want.

The tile to the right are accent tiles with a design of art with a logo for the Port Authority in Florida. Used for their public washroom walls and in offices and waiting rooms

Don't need a photograph of nature per se.
Your own design or idea is now reality!

Public Washroom Abstract Tile With Text For Port Authority
Wall Tile Cut To Size Doggy Tile Mural


Sometimes your wall tile (or floor tile for that mater) mural needs to be cut to specific sizes. Maybe you are not wanting 4 x 4 inch or 6 x 6 inch or 12 x 12 inch but need something like 5 x 5 or 7 x 8 inch?  We not only print tiles but we can cut tiles that you may need and then print on them.  Custom tiles printed but also custom sizes too!

Wall Kitchen Office Boardroom Printed Wall Tile
Wall Kitchen Office Boardroom Printed Wall Tile

Kitchen Backsplash Pictured Tiles:

Like a map or a abstract candle image.

Indeed our printed wall tile used for both kitchen at home and corporate kitchens or boardroom walls.  Really anywhere you want to have them.

Standard sizes are 4 x 4 inch (really 4.25 inch) and 6 x 6 inch.  Using lots of Daltile with our amazing durable full color/colour printing.

Custom Printed Map Wall Tile
Custom Printed Map Wall Tile Chesapeake Bay
Kitchen Printed Pictured Tile Back Splash Reflection Of Lights Abstract Art
Kitchen Printed Pictured Tile Back Splash Reflection Of Lights Abstract Art

We can cut tile to "fit in" if you need it or you can use tile that is the standard 4 inch tile (really 4.25 inch x 4.25 inch) or 6 inch x 6 inch or 6 x 8 inch is also popular.

Of course you choose what photo or picture you want your personalized tile to be. These cut tile are affordable and with your image can be installed on shower walls, or back-splash - really anywhere.

Most of are tile are Daltile (huge US Mfg.) and we cut them to various sizes, you can choose a matte or glossy finish.

We also have a speed/rush that gets the job done and shipped out within 3-5 days. Otherwise its 1 to 3 weeks for single tiles. Murals may take longer.

To order email us at and add your photo with your "message" and your contact info.

If email doesn't work for you call us toll free at 1-855-410-8797 ext. 1 for sales.

Custom Printed Subway Tile

Custom Printed Full Color/Colour Wall Tiles.

These are Subway Tile which are typically 3 x 6 inches. They are often laid on top of each other which are the most standard way but these are staggered or called "Off-Set" in their layout so you can see the difference it makes.

Custom Printed Subway Tile Lobster Image
Custom Printed Subway Tile Lobster Image

Custom Printed Subway Tile - Staggered or Brick Lay Out

Of course we print on all kinds of tiles both wall and floor and outdoor too.

These tiles are white Daltile wall tile and can be used in shower walls or boardrooms, restaurant walls, bathrooms and last but not least kitchen wall tile back-splash as well. Any size you want and if you want to purchase the white (blanks) to complete your kitchen, you can get them from us so they would be the same size and dye-lot (if you need it).

See way more custom printed kitchen back splash wall tiles and custom photo/pictures on tiles for shower walls.  MORE: Kitchen Backsplash Pictured Tiles


Custom Printed Subway Tile
Using Subway Tile you can create your own custom back splash or custom tile shower walls.