We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants, home or business. Also Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and, Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

Custom Printed Wall Tile Like Kitchen Back Splash & Shower Walls

We Change Boring (yawn) Walls and

"Ho Hum"Floors

Into Works Of Art!

24 x 32 inch custom printed wall tile using 6 x 6 inch tile
Kitchen Wall Back Splash Sunset
Custom Printed Ram On Mountains Shower Bath Wall Mural
Custom Printed Ram On Mountains Shower Bath Wall

Custom Printed Tiles that last...really last.
Any design you want, we are not cheap but the

best - in durability (Up to 50 year written warranty & 100 years, if needed)
best - in detail up to 1200 dpi
- in easy to install and maintain
and full color with no minimum order!

Your Photo or Pattern Becomes Wall Tile (see more below) also custom printed Floor Tile and Outdoor Tile as well as  Accent Tile (individual tiles)

Gerry's-Custom-Printed-Tile-Backsplash main printed custom tile web
custom printed kitchend backsplash
custom printed kitchend backsplash

We Give A Warranty On Our Work

Our images are long lasting and you can have a
10 year or 25 year warranty up to a 50 year warranty and 100 year warranty, guaranteeing that on our images will not fade.. This warranty applies to the pictures and images on the tile murals and floors but also our porcelain dishware.

Our Process Will Change Your Tiles From Boring to Awesome!

We use standard tiles many are:
Sizes (2" to 4" and 6, and sometimes 8 though not always stocked and then 12")

2" tiles are primarily used for swimming pools or for shower/spa areas and also on floors.

2" x 2" for swimming pools
4" which is two types:

4" Outdoor or Floor Tile is exactly 4 inches
4" for walls is not as thick and its actually 4.25 inches.

6" tile is often for kitchen walls or murals it is 6 x 6 inches.

8 x 8 inch for walls (indoor) are available by special order, we usually have some in stock but are not always available from Daltile and other manufacturers. Currently 8 x 8 inch is not as popular so not always available. But we can also cut tile, so we cut lots of it, from square to odd sizes to rectangular tiles. 12 inch x 12 inch is primarily a floor tile or outdoor tile, it is very often Daltile there Anchorage line. Our largest cut tile is 12 x 18 inches and on special (and expensive) order we can get to 24 x 24 but that takes months to do we have to work on it in different stages and is not cheap or readily available but if you have the coin and time is do-able.

Can't find a tile size that you need - relax we also cut tile to size.

Also our tiles WILL NOT FADE.
Indoor or Outdoor or Floors we've got you covered.

We also print on dinner plates for restaurants as well as wedding's and business. See PhotoPlates.net

Also Mug Printing.  When we print mugs, we print ON the mug but also IN the mug see www.PrintINmugs.com also hand writing IN mugs.