We put your picture, image or photo on Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Great for back splashes, kitchens, bathrooms, shower area, restaurants, home or business. Also Dishware, plates, mugs, platters, bowls, pet bowls and, Swimming pool floors, Memorial tiles, Christmas Ornaments & Coasters 

Tile Shower Walls Custom

Your Own Wall Tile - The Way You Want It - And Everyone Will Notice !!

Just imagine how you will make memories of your photos forever on your walls or capture that right look or pattern or color for your shower wall or backsplash - you can have your custom printed tile "fit" anything you want!

Custom Printed Shower Wall Tiles

We Change Boring (yawn) Walls and

"Ho Hum"Floors

Into Works Of Art!

Tile Shower Walls Custom

4 Large Printed Tiles Put Together To Make Abstract Pictured Tile Art On Mural
4 Large Printed Tiles Put Together To Make Abstract Pictured Tile Art On Mural
4 Large Tile Shower Walls Custom Printed Mural
- these 4 tiles (above) were used in the customers shower wall. 

Short video two above you will especially see the size and the kind of color & we print all the colors/colours. Subsequently you can see what we mean with the two photos, just above and just below.

Measuring each tile 9.5 x 14 but putting them all together (all 4 pieces) gives you 19 inches x 28 inches with only 4 grout lines. Photo above is one (1) of the 4 tiles you can see its 14 inches.

We can print 12 x 18 inches at the most for wall or floor tile. We can also print 24 x 24 inch wall tile, but that is special order and not common like 12 x 18 inches.

Photo (below) of pictured tile on a huge wall mural using 6 x 6 inch tile with a overall size of 3 foot by 8 foot.

Personalized backsplash of California 6x6 inch tile
California 6 x 6 inch Daltile Printed Wall Tile Large Pictured Tile Mural
Double Waterfall Tile 6inch x 4 inch
Double Waterfall Tile 6 inch Custom Printed Shower Wall Tile

Printed Waterfall Tile in Shower


Printed on 6 x 6 inch tile, these can just as easily be printed on 4 x 4 inch tile (really they are 4.25 x 4.25 inch) or "cut" tile meaning we cut the tile to the size you need.

Tile shower walls custom printed with all kinds of nature scenes including this stunning double waterfall. Which basically works like a window on your bathroom shower wall.

When we print wall tile, like these shower wall tiles here they are glazed so that you install them like normal tile as well as wash your walls like you would using normal tiles, they are that durable.

custom wall tile yellow horses 6 x 6 inch mural tile only
custom wall tile yellow horses 6 x 6 inch mural
custom wall tile yellow horses 6 x 6 inch mural
Shower wall mural of whales
Shower wall underwater pictured tile mural
custom printed shower wall beach scene purple sky
custom printed shower wall beach scene purple sky
Rams On Mountains Shower Wall Mural
Custom Printed Ram On Mountains Shower Bath Wall

Custom Printed Tiles that last...really last.
Any design you want, we are not cheap but the

best - in durability because we glaze it not dye sublimate it.
best - in detail up to 1200 dpi
- in easy to install and maintain
and full color with no minimum order!

Your Photo or Pattern Becomes Wall Tile (see more below) also custom printed Floor Tile and

Outdoor Tile as well as  Accent Tile (individual tiles)

Public Washroom Pictured Tile Wall Mural
Public Washroom Pictured Tile Wall Mural
Black and white shower wall mural
Black and white printed pictured tile shower swimming mural
Personalized large polar bear mural
Polar Bear Printed Pictured Tile Shower Wall
Personalized black and white tile
Custom Printed Black and White Under Water Sea Creatures

Durability and Long Lasting, On Our Printed Tilework

Our images are long lasting many many years but it depends on how much glazing we do. The more glaze the more durable.  Glaze is what covers all porcelain out there, your toilets are glazed.

So if the tiles are on the wall and single glazed they dont get hardly any wear so they are very durable.  Floor tile or outdoor tile can also be single glazed but to really protect them then double glazing will do it.

Our Process Will Change Your Tiles From Boring to Awesome!

Some standard tile sizes we use

We use standard tiles many are:
Sizes (2" to 4" and 6, and sometimes 8 though not always stocked and then 12")

2" tiles are primarily used for swimming pools or for shower/spa areas and also on floors.

2" x 2" for swimming pools or "Spa Areas" and Shower Floors
4" which is two types:

4" Outdoor or Floor Tile is exactly 4 inches - we cut to this size.
4" for walls is not as thick and its actually 4.25 inches.

6" tile is often for kitchen walls or murals it is 6 x 6 inches.

8 x 8 inch for walls (indoor) are available by special order, we usually have some in stock but are not always available from Daltile and other manufacturers.

For weird sizes we cut tile here

Currently 8 x 8 inch is not as popular so not always available. But we can also cut tile, so we cut lots of it, from square to odd sizes to rectangular tiles. 12 inch x 12 inch is primarily a floor tile or outdoor tile, it is very often Daltile there Anchorage line. Our largest cut tile is 12 x 18 inches and on special (and expensive) order we can get to 24 x 24 but that takes longer to do we have to work on it in different stages and is not cheap or readily available but if you have the coin and time is do-able.

Can't find a tile size that you need - relax we also cut tile to size.

Also our tiles do not scratch off or just fade. They aer good for dishware and good for floors and outdoors.
Indoor or Outdoor or Floors we've got you covered.

Photos on left is black and white swimming pool wall tile. Large polar bear that directly was installed in a washroom shower wall sized 3 x 5 feet using Daltile 6 x 6 inch wall tile printed. Lastly B & W (black and white) printed 4 x 4 (really 4.25 x 4.25 inch) under water sea creatures for shower wall.