This is the ONLY place you can create your own Custom Floor Tile - that really last!

Imagine you print your company logo for your business front entrance area? Or your home front area with your monogram or family coat of arms custom printed on floor tile? How about custom tile for a restaurant floor? No Minimum and you can now have what you can't buy in stores and nobody in your area has.

Custom Photo Tiles & Floor Murals

Custom Floor Tiles....We lead in making your custom printed floor tiles, something folks just wont miss. 

This was on 12 x 12 inch tile custom printed for the Pensacola Florida Naval Hospital. We should have the entire printed and installed floor to share here soon.

This is what we do.

Walk on it...I mean this is a hospital...Dance on it..Skip on it, it is that good.  Trust it and call us
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12 inch floor tile for Pensacola Florida naval hospital


Okay for those that love our custom printed useable floor tiles but were looking for wall tiles and wall murals then wall murals here.


We Have Different Glazing Options (see more below)


More Custom Floor Tile.

We have different Glazing Options.  Most Floor Tile we print we use what we call Commercial or Double Glazing, that is the strongest we have.

There is also another option and its a bit less money and is the most popular and that is Standard Glazing which is still very durable but not as durable as our printed floor tile that is double glazed.

For commercial or heavy walked in areas we recommend using our Commercial or Double Glazing. For homes or less traffic areas the Standard Glazing will do.

Custom Floor Tiles Printed Anyway You want

Face off - which tile will lose its face first?

We take a football player printed on tile via the cheap "dye sublimation method" and have a durability face-off against our Digitally Printed Glazed Tiles to see which scratches off easier and thus proving which is more durable?

Spoiler Alert - we easily win!

Testing Dye Sublimation with Digital Glazed Printing

click the video watch in YouTube

Wood Looking Tile
Make your tiles look like wood - or anything





Wood Looking Custom Floor Tile

Custom tile that looks like wood and is now custom floor tiles instead. No matter your design or pattern but basically anything you can photograph we can print on porcelain or ceramic.

This tile was cut off of a larger 12 x 18 inch to give us 4 inch x 18 inch. Then we printed it with a wood finish and glazed it with a double coating otherwise known as Commerical Glazing for the most advanced durablity out there.  

Note, most floor tile and outdoor tile is porcelain (as well as most of our printed dishware) and most indoor tile is ceramic.




Custom Printed Floor Tile Hawaii Entrance - Aloha!!

Custom Printed Floor Tile Hawaii Web1
Pictured Tile Custom Printed Floor Tile Aloha

Original Artwork Sent To Us

Printed Layout Before Shipping

We customize taking your image and printing it on floor tile. Custom Printed Floor Tile

We took Jeff's photograph on the left, he is a photographer in Hawaii and wanted his photo and design printed on 12 x 12 inch Daltile Floor Tile.  Overall size of printed tile floor mural 3 feet x 4 feet.  Jeff sent us this picture in his email and said:

"Eric, here's the pic of the tile you did for us in Hawaii. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Great job! Jeff P."

Custom Printed Stair Tiles & Riser Tiles

Note: Riser tiles are not on the tread or step part of the stairs but the vertical part that you can see from the ground floor. Now if you have an image there you can see it looking up the stairs as they are printed on the risers!

These were made for stairway "risers" that is the vertical part, not the step part of a staircase. So when you are looking at the stairs, from the ground looking up, you can see the mural, like 3D.   Note: we can print on the actual "steps" as well, these were risers.

Custom Image Printed On Tile for the Laundry Room Floor

Our Printed Floor Tile Installs Like Normal
Installing our Custom Printed Floor Tile
Work This Way Custom Floor Tile
Having Fun In The Laundry Room With Our Printed Floor Tile

Custom make your own floor tile, this laundry room floor tile was only 4 square feet and what a difference it makes in the room.

Top image on left is the installation. We were using 12" floor tile.  This is Daltile Floor tile. Image at right is a close up of the complete installed pictured tile on floor.These floor tiles will last, and we print custom floor tile both for residential and commercial applications.

Crown Floor Mural Crown



Crown Floor Murals Here

(or whatever photo tiles you want)

These are 12 x 12 inch floor tile in which we took the crown photo/art work and created a 2 foot by 2 foot floor mural.

Custom Floor Tile made the way you want!


Custom Printed Floor Tile

Custom Printed Floor Tile or sometimes called "Floor Murals" for Middletown High School in California.  Installed in the Front Entrance Way.

Sponsorship tile to help off-set costs of the entire custom tile costs.

You can see the lowest tile with names of companies and folks that gave their part to have their names listed forever as "Sponsors" for the floor mural. Thus greatly reducing the costs to the school.

This (view in Youtube link)  video shows our print is doesn't scratch off as other dye sublimated prints simply come off rather easily, they are not suitable for floor tile - like our print is! Buy the best in custom printed floor tile or floor murals if you will.  You can now design your own. All with no minimum order!

Larger applications of Custom Floor Tile too...


Our Printed Ceramic Floors can be any pattern you want, and you can put them in high traffic areas - like restaurant floors (we've done them) and front entrance ways to business. We've also printed logos for church front door foyer tiles. Make your own Design with Custom Floor Tiles!


Floor Tile - Any picture you want. It just needs to be high resolution.


Custom Tiled Floor In Office.
Your Logo or Church or Restaurant Name in the front foyer of your business.

Corporate branded floor tiles in bathroom

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Your Logo or Design on Tiled Floor.  If we don't have the size we also cut tile, to get the size you need.
Sizes are 2 inch to 12 inch. We can go larger than 12 inch up to 34 inches as well.

*Will Not Fade
*Can be used Outside as well
*Create Custom Floor Tile - Your Way

Floor tile, any image you want.

Here is one that we just finished for a restaurant. We had to lay it out before the final process on cloth rug floors.  See the steps we take here:


Here is step 2, we have some more of the 2" floor tile.
This is going on a restaurant floor, our images will not fade or wear away, we have a written guarantee on our work.


Now closer to the finish of the layout. The tiles here are not finished (although they look good). See the detail of how much we can do, and its on your own floor! You create the design of your floor tile and the size.


Once we have it all laid out, (keep in mind this tile is laid out on the floor before we go to our kiln, we are making sure all the pieces are there and that the pieces all go together). We must check everything before the final steps.  We can create your custom floor tile, for you restaurant, business or front entrance way.

Remember we do not color match.
We make tile beautiful but can't guarantee the color/colour will match but will it be amazing - "yes!".

Call us 1 855 410 8797 or from out of country direct
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